Starting a business is never easy.  If it was, everyone would be doing it.  The challenge for most is the unknown.  When you haven’t started and run a business before, you really don’t know what to look out for.  This is where many turn to the Internet for answers.  We will spend hours searching from site to site to find the best advice.  I know.  I’ve done it many times myself and I’ve started a few businesses that way.  In fact, I started a new one this summer and am still in startup mode.  There are two ways to start a business: planned and unplanned.

My first business I thought I was very smart and could figure out everything I needed to know when I came to it.  Unfortunately, I didn’t know as much as I thought I did.  There were many legal, insurance and finance questions I couldn’t answer.  I had to stop the business to understand what these issues meant.  It really became a nuisance when I would have to stop selling my services to go figure something out.  It took me a couple of businesses to figure out that you really want to plan out your steps as much as possible before you start the business.  There’s nothing worse than having to hold a customer off while you go obtain some certification or license so you can offer them your service.  Planning early allows you to focus on selling the business when you start.  After all, that’s where the money comes from.

In my most recent business, something outside of my expertise, I decided to do the right amount of planning prior to kickoff.  I’m actually selling services to the government so I can’t afford to be unprepared.  So, I chose a detailed planning process to prepare the business.  Since this business was outside my expertise, I needed a guide to help me keep from wasting so much time figuring things out.  I’ve worked with Robert Donnelly for years and chose the guidebook he released some years ago, entitled “Guidebook to Planning.” It is a great start, complete with examples, illustrations and even forms.  Donnelly has a lot of experience in entrepreneurship.  In fact, some of the information from this book has been utilized in training classes he developed for BUSINESSWEEK and INC magazine.  This guidebook is a compilation of a lot of experience and will save you considerable time developing that invaluable plan for your startup.

While my latest business is still in startup mode, I haven’t had to spend any time going back to setup something I missed in the beginning.  Right now, I spend my time selling the services to potential customers. It’s exactly what I want to be and need to be doing.

Check out Donnelly’s Guidebook at Amazon.  Get the book.  Use the process.  Then, contact him to answer questions that still plague you.  It doesn’t get any easier than that.  Remember, you can always do things the hard way.  Why not take the time to give yourself a great start?

guidebook to planning