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Ask Dr. Business – Entrepreneurship: where do I start?

Here’s the latest question for Dr. Business.

Entrepreneurship: Where do I start?

Every business has started with a problem. An entrepreneur has come up with a solution to the problem and the rest is history. Many businesses have been started by entrepreneurs having a problem that they developed a solution for and then went on to commercialize the solution. The best place to start is to list all the problems you have all day every day driving, working, shopping, eating, etc. If you have those problems then others like you have the same or similar problems. How can you come up with a way to solve the problem, that is viable, and that you would be willing to pay for? We have had a lot of snow recently and many people would like an alternative to shoveling it themselves, but they don’t know where to find someone else to do it. An entrepreneur who had that problem developed an App called “e Plow” which allows those who need to have someone remove the snow for them to be able to contact someone else who does that – snow removal contractors and others with snow blowers and shovels. This entrepreneur has gone on to develop another App called “e Mow” for homeowners who need to find someone to mow their lawns for a week, or a month, while they go on vacation, are sick, or just can’t do it for a variety of other reasons.

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